At Soba House Azumino, the motto is "cook together and eat together".
Enjoy the dinner and breakfast experience that is unique to Soba House Azumino, featuring seasonal food grown in the fertile lands of the region.

Soba House Azumino|Kuu -food-

Taste of Shinshu,
having a mellow fragrance
Make traditional
100% buckwheat noodles with chef.

Taste the essence of Shinshu with the mellow fragrance of traditional 100% buckwheat noodles made with our chef. As our name "Soba House" suggests, making soba is one of the main activities we offer at our facility. With the guidance our chef, you will learn to make "juwari soba", using 100% buckwheat flour. Soba is a popular superfood, known for its high nutritional value. One of the joys of making soba is being able to eat and compare each noodle with your friends or your family. Please savor the freshly ground and handmade taste of our soba.

  • Soba making Experience
  • Soba making Experience
  • Soba making Experience

    Seasonal food grown in delicious water.
    Enjoy the local cuisine of Shinshu
    around the hearth.

    Experience the taste of Shinshu, where seasonal food is grown in delicious water sourced from the melted snow of the Alps. Enjoy the local cuisine of Shinshu around the hearth, featuring an abundant harvest including Azumino wasabi and rainbow trout. Gathering around the hearth with everyone will strangely make food and conversation even more lively than usual. Indulge in local cuisine made with plenty of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Quench your thirst with local beer, sake, or juice made from Shinshu apples and grapes.

    • Kuu -food-
    • Kuu -food-