About Soba House Azumino

Soba House Azumino is a hotel limited to one group located in the forest of Shinshu.
In a forest retreat surrounded by magnificent nature, please spend a special time through "Food, Stay, Experience".

About Soba House Azumino

At the foot of the Northern Alps, Azumino is a place where the original scenery of the Japan remains.In the middle of the forest, what is important for us at Soba House Azumino is "Food, Stay, Experience".
You may find yourself confused by things that are a little more inconvenient than usual.But more than that, I'm sure you'll remember feelings you've forgotten and encounters that will change your life. Please enjoy "Food, Stay, and Experience". to the fullest while surrounded by magnificent nature.

To preserve the traditions of the Japan through the ages.
"Food, Stay, Experience".

A day at Soba House Azumino

The schedule below is for reference only. The contents differ depending on the plan.


Welcome to Azumino.
Let's take a walk in Azumino
while gazing at the unspoiled scenery
that spreads out
at the foot of the mountain.

Hotaka Station on the JR Oito Line is the closest station to Soba House Azumino. You can also use Akashina Station on the JR Shinonoi Line. Cycling, fishing for rainbow trout, and visiting museums are also recommended. We also offer plan proposals such as spot information and schedules, so please feel free to contact us.

Access & Neighbors

Go to a hideout in the forest.
After taking a breather,
explore around the hotel.

Soba House Azumino has 3 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 12 people. Each room has a different theme, so please explore first and then relax in your favorite room.


Experience traditional soba making
under the careful guidance
of the chef.
Let's aim for delicious one.

Making soba is one of the main activities offered at our hotel. You can make Soba from 100% buckwheat flour "Juwari Soba". Soba is popular as a super food due to its high nutritional value and gluten free. Please enjoy the freshly ground and freshly made taste.

After the soba making experience, take a short break in your favorite place such as the living room or terrace. It is also a good idea to refresh yourself from the fatigue of traveling in the hot springs and sauna. In the meantime, dinner will be prepared in the open kitchen.

Soba making experience
Soba making experience

A warm and fragrant meal
around the hearth.

Enjoy local cuisine made with plenty of ingredients from Shinshu. A lively and warm dining table surrounded by the sunken hearth should be filled with smiles and delicious food.


Bath time in the forest
to warm your body and mind.
Enjoy the cypress
hot spring and sauna in a bath
with a large window.

100% natural hot spring drawn from Hotaka Onsen Village is a perfect match for the natural cypress bathtub. In the sauna, which is also made of cypress, listen to the singing of birds while being enveloped in the relaxing scent. The time that flows quietly will tell you that this is a hideout.