Access & Neighbors

To enjoy Sobahouse Azumino even more, we will introduce our recommendations around Azumino,
and main access information to Soba House Azumino.

Soba House Azumino|Access & Neighbors

By train

5km from JR Oito Line "Hotaka" Station, about 11km from JR Shinonoi Line "Akashina" Station

* Some limited express Azusa and limited express Shinano trains run directly to Hotaka Station or Akashina Station.

* Please board the pick-up vehicle at Hotaka Station or Akashina Station. We will suggest the route when you make a reservation.

Soba House Azumino|By train

By car

About 25 minutes from Nagano Expressway "Azumino" IC.

About 60 minutes from Kamikochi.

Soba House Azumino|By car

By plane

After disembarking at Shinshu Matsumoto Airport, take a shuttle or taxi.

* Reservations are required in advance for the shuttle service from Shinshu Matsumoto Airport to Hotaka Station. For more information, please visit the website of Shinshu Matsumoto Airport Shuttle Service.

Soba House Azumino|By plane