Experience the food and folk crafts that have been passed down in Shinshu.
We offer a learning plan unique to this land.

Soba House Azumino|Manabu -experience-

Handmade. Authentic
soba-making experience
using 100% buckwheat flour.

Soba making experience

At Soba House Azumino, you can experience making "Juwari soba" using only buckwheat flour and water. As it is a simple and delicate ingredient, the taste depends on factors such as the degree of force applied, speed, balance of water, and body temperature. While being taught by the chef, you will feel the joy of adjusting the finish based on various conditions.

  • Soba making experience
  • Soba making experience
  • Soba making experience

    To embroider
    traditional geometric pattern.

    Making Temari and weaving experience

    "Matsumoto Temari" is a traditional folk craft that has been loved in the castle town of Matsumoto for generations. Today, they are popular as ornamental souvenirs and gifts. At Soba House Azumino, you can experience the finishing process of applying patterns to temari balls. An artist who has inherited traditional techniques will carefully instruct you.

    • Making Temari and weaving experience
    • Making Temari and weaving experience

      Be completely absorbed
      in kneeding the clay
      and feel like a kid again.

      Pottery experience

      You can make your own original "Soba Choko", a cup for soba noodle, using an electric potter's wheel. The professional aritist will guide and support carefully, so even children and beginners can experience it with peace of mind. The finished work will be mailed to your home after finishing drying, coloring and firing by the craftsman.

      • Pottery experience
      • Pottery experience

        An affluent time to stay
        in the original Japanese landscape
        decorated with history and tradition.
        〜Enjoy a chance encounter
        depend on the season〜

        Strolling and picking edible wild plants

        Azumino, where the peaceful countryside spread out before the magnificent Northern Alps, is a tourist area that attracts attention in and out of Nagano prefecture. You can enjoy not only the National Park surrounded by the wild nature of the blessed water source, the food culture nurtured by beautiful nature, but also the museums and memorial halls scattered about.

        • Access & Neighbors
        • Access & Neighbors
        • Access & Neighbors